Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Day +75: September, an amazing month

So main thing in case you hadn't heard - I'm home at last, discharged on the 25th Sept exactly 10 weeks from cell implantation and a total of 11 weeks hospital admission!!!

The original (we thought agreed) plan was that Friday would be a weekend only trip (coming back Saturday night) with discharge later the following week to fit in with house logistics. However the hospital I think needed the bed (fair enough) as they started urging full discharge instead.

Anyways, a lot of people bent over backwards (THANK-YOU!) and we left Friday afternoon. We hadn't told the boys, so when they came home and saw me there, they were *so* excited!!!

The rest of Friday afternoon through to Sunday was a complete blur where I think I must have been living off of adrenaline, the boys energy and my delight at being home - basically The Joy Of Life!

The flip-side unfortunately is that I most likely over did it and Monday was spent pretty much in bed sleeping. Tuesday pretty similar but since Friday I feel I have been able to help out a little at home too.

Today, Wednesday, is my first day at the clinic so I am back over at The Churchill. I also needed magnesium (3 hours!) so visited the DTU (Day Treatment Unit). It's given me a chance to get some more sleep, the hospital transport arrived at 09:30 this morning which meant it's been a very tiring day already.

It has however provided the opportunity to write this blog update at last - September has been an extraordinary month for me and of course a number of others, I owe it to capture something before the month ends.

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  1. Wow Chris.So good to see you posting again my mate :-).Sounds like you have had some experience with your treatment.Keep on blogging Chris, and remeber that we are all rooting for you :-).Cheers.Andy