Thursday, 28 January 2010

Day +198: First blog of the year...

OK - so not the 1st of January and no "Happy New Year" except for that one of course ;-) but just making it by the skin of my teeth to provide an update in the first month of the new decade...

Can't believe my last (progress) update was October '09 but as you may recall from that, things were looking good and I was starting to live a "normal" life. However, late November & early December I took a turn for the worse and was laid low with my temperature spiking all over the place and I was getting worried that I'd have to be re-admitted again. It was very stressful as clearly I didn't want to spend Christmas in hospital.

Fortunately that passed - it could have been a combination of GvHD or the re-balance of medication we were trying but Christmas was at home with the family and was fantastic although tough. I managed to prepare much of the traditional lunch for Sarah, the boys and Sarah's parents.

We had friends come round to see in the New Year which was a real boost and on New Year's day we went to Sarah's parents and spent a few nights there; that seemed to "flick a switch" in me that revived me in so many ways and things have been going great guns since.

Consequently blogging has taken a back seat but at least Twitter let's me send quick updates...

Anyhow, looking back at my last progress blog coincidentally that was the time of my first biopsy post transplant, the 3 month baseline marker. Tomorrow (Mon 1st Feb) is my 6 month biopsy. I'm apprehensive because of the procedure/sedation etc.

I should remain positive though, I saw the consultant last Wednesday - he's very happy with progress (as am I to be honest):
  • I'm finally starting to put on weight (rather than just maintaining a level)
  • Some muscle is coming back (I'm doing more stairs and slightly heavier lifting at home)
  • Still getting tired, but this is more to do with trying to get my sleep pattern back in order plus I'm doing loads more around the house now
  • Skin, Hair, Nails - all seem to be growing more normally now
  • Been to the office a few times to catch up with folks, fix a few remote access problems and discuss with HR & my manager about returning to work...
All in all then, things really do seem to be returning to normal and I feel happier being able to spend quality time with the family playing games, helping with homework and doing a lot of the domestic chores.

Blood counts etc. also mean that I'm able to eat out more often and generally "be ordinary" - it's great!

However, if I'm truthful, with such good results from the last biopsy I'm a little scared that they won't be as good this time. I'm also due to have my Hickman line taken out (after nearly a year of having it in, how scary is that??) so with that, the number of colds going around and the side effects I seemed to have from last time, I'm nervous and know that this coming week is going to be tricky, so bear with me!

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