Monday, 31 May 2010

Day +318: BP, Laws & Chores (oh - still in remission too!)

Feeling good this morning, ahead of household tasks and so have some time to make a long overdue blog update. I'm already thinking that today is Sunday though so the rest of the week will therefore be a shock, more later...

To kick-off with, a couple of things in the news that I've seen various tweets about and can hold my tongue no longer.

First BP. Indisputably one of the worse environmental disasters instigated by man. Undoubtedly BP have a responsibility and much apologising to do especially after the somewhat blasé remarks when the CEO first went public. A question though, is BP entirely culpable though?

BP were renting the Deepwater Horizon rig so does some responsibility lay with Transocean (the renters) or Hyundai Heavy Industries (who built it). E.g. do these things have a "service life" whereby they are not safe for rental after so many drilling hours, are there regular "check-ups" of the equipment before re-renting?

Who allowed drilling to happen there in the first place? Someone must have authorised it and given the highly risky nature of such an undertaking, what precautionary and insurance measures were stipulated ahead of authorisation?

I heard on the radio (I think) that this is getting so much publicity because it is happening so close to the US. Don't get me wrong, it's a disaster and I feel for the people affected as well as being saddened to the huge environmental impact but if this happened off a 3rd world country coast or mid-ocean, would it be so reported?

Maybe my questions are naive but I think there is more to this than just pointing the finger at one source and surely now more than ever, alternatives to oil dependency must be relentlessly pursued.

David Laws. Hmmm. To start off with I was rather annoyed with the twittersphere for all the anti-Telegraph sentiment for breaking this story as it struck me as somewhat hypocritical (I don't think there would have been as much furore were the individual a Tory or Labour MP).

However, having just seen the BBC News article suggesting that the Telegraph are now pursuing Laws' replacement, I do wonder what the heck that paper is up to. Yes, they are Conservative supporting but wake-up you guys - we are at a new dawn of politics, a real coalition. Please let's give it a chance, we all know (or should know) that we are in for a rough ride - let's get some genuine talent therefore at the helm to steer the best path possible and stop sniping at the government so that they can get on with what needs doing.

So back to David Laws. He was wrong. But he admitted it and did an honourable thing. IMHO though his resignation should have been refused by Cameron and Clegg. Based on his stupendous education and background, I think Laws is the sort of person we need at this time of economic crisis. As such, as painful as it probably is for him (he is a very private person AIUI and this is what lead to the whole fiasco) he (and Cameron/Clegg) should do what's best for the country and get him re-involved, maybe not as a central "mouth-piece" figure, but certainly central to getting this country back on the right economic footing.

As a regular Tory voter (no, I'm not sorry) in the spirit of coalition I find myself siding with those on Twitter who are supporting David Laws.

Okay - enough of that but one more serious thing: I'm still in remission! I got the results from my 9 month biopsy back when I went to Oxford the other day. Blood counts are generally good and the BCR-ABL level was 0%, excellent news! My anniversary biopsy is scheduled in for 12th July, so fingers crossed for that too.

Physically I'm seem to be doing well, I'm putting on the weight again (need to convert more to muscle though!), full head of hair and starting to look normal again. Problems seem to be dry skin and bloody painful feet. Makes it an issue walking big distances but I've been given the all-clear for swimming so am looking forward to not just watching my sons at the local pool but literally diving in and enjoying the fun!

Finally chores...
Tomorrow will see me become a fully fledged house-husband. Sarah re-starts full-time 9-5 June 1st (congratulations again my love!) which means that I will take over the duties of cleaning, laundry, cooking, cleaning (there's a lot of it hence the double mention!) and school-runs/looking after Jake & Luke in the evenings. Oh yeah and looking for a job at the same time!

If anyone has any tips to stop me from going nuts, it would be greatly appreciated!! Having got a stack of ironing out of the way this morning, I can safely say that it is essential to fold clothes after taking them off the line/out of the tumble dryer as it massively reduces the effort. Also, the best ironing music by far has to be "You Can't Stop The Beat" from Hairspray, a surprisingly entertaining movie with a stellar performance by John Travolta. Boy can that man dance!


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