Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Get ready the French...

Quick update on Bastille Day seems appropriate given that one half of the stem cell infusion I'll get on Friday is from the remaining French bag.

Today is Day -3, I've had 2 TBI sessions (Total Body Irradiation) - seems OK so far other than being quite tired directly afterwards. I've also started Ciclosporin and MMF (Mycophenolate Mofetil) both immunosuppressants to help the cell infusion take when I have it on Friday (basically I need for the cord stem cells to come in and see me as the enemy and start killing off my white blood cell capability and for them to take over so that the leuakeamia is cured.

TBI and the two drugs haven't caused too much in the way of side-effects at the moment but that is very likely to change next week, hence I'm burning up my BT Openzone credits here at the hospital while I'm still in the mood to be online and blog and stuff.

Oh - and the move to the Churchill went very smoothly, the new room is very nice but as might be expected there are teething problems, most noticeably for me is the mornings as my TBI is meant to be at 08:30 but so far I have been an hour late for both.

Pictures: old empty blue room of Ward 5e versus new empty neutral room of Churchill, there was no bed or furniture when I arrived but that's taken care of now :-)


  1. Hi Chris.Hope things are going well for you with the Stem Cell Transplant.Good to see you keeping the blog up to date mate :-).
    I will be offline for a week due to by some miracle, being able to go on holiday !.Cross your fingers and hope the weather is kind to me this year :-).
    Take care, keep the faith.Best wishes.Andy

  2. Hi Chris

    Just home from work (mostly on the boat today trying to catch up from being away) and logged on again to check your progress. Just wanted to wish you good luck for tomorrow. I reckon those stem cell thingy's will do just the trick - it all sounds like something from a sci fi really when you think about it - amazing. But good luck and will be keeping you in our thoughts up here in the north. Michael, Victoria and Freyja.