Sunday, 15 March 2009

Two and a half weeks in...

So blogging has been slower than expected (sorry) - mainly down to fatigue and actually finding the time between sleeping(!) and hospital.

First intravenous chemo was in hospital 28th Feb and I've had 2 more since (6th & 13th March), I'm also on oral chemo to handle the complication of the Philadelphia chromosome too.

Left the John Radcliffe as an an in-patient on the 7th March and was over at Wexham Park on Mon 9th & Wed 11th for treatment (Caspofungin) and was in Oxford again (as an out-patient) Friday 13th for IV chemo (Vincristine & Daunorubicin).

Had to go back Saturday 14th for haemoglobin transfusion (3 units) which literally took all day. I was over at the new West Wing ward (still at the John Radcliffe) for this - amazing how modern the new ward is it's actually part of Neurosciences but haematology have some beds there.

Recovering today ahead of Oxford next week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) to supplement on some new treatment - this is all part of the UKALL XII protocol which I'll look to blog later.

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