Tuesday, 7 April 2009

12 minutes of fame...

Didn't quite make the Andy Warhol 15 minutes mark but certainly the past few days have seen quite a bit of media attention.

Firstly, I'd like to thank and acknowledge Catherine Osborn who has been absolutely brilliant in getting the bone marrow donor search story out there - the BBC, local paper and even the Mauritian Broadcasting Company amongst others have been contacted or have been in contact. Any and everything helps with trying to find that elusive match but even if I am not lucky hopefully the publicity has spurred more people to join their register which will prove life saving for someone else.

Catherine has been the main consistent driver throughout all of this but many many other people have been getting the word out too through their friend, family & work networks too and I am extraordinarily grateful for this too - thank-you as well!

So, last Thursday I had the Maidenhead Advertiser come round in the morning for some pictures for the paper (will be in the actual paper this Thursday I believe) and also to do an interview for the web. I look fab (not!) but the interview went well, allowed me to get some things off of my chest and was actually a bit emotional for me at the end with some quite incisive questions. Anyway, judge for yourself:
Yesterday, blimey feels longer than that, I did a live interview for BBC Radio Berkshire. For a while I was on the BBC Berkshire website front-page but no more however the web piece that was done can still be found as well as a "listen again" of the interview:


  1. Hi Chris, just read your latest blog, good luck with the apeal. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Regards to the family too.

    Have to sort out a London trip when your fit. John M.

  2. Chris,
    watched the video, hey man, no hat, no pencil, whats up with that


  3. Chris,
    saw the video
    no hat, no pencil, what's up with that