Tuesday, 7 April 2009

That was the week that was

So before it's too far a distant memory, an update on last week...

Treatment was meant to be pretty light with just Monday, Wednesday & Friday Caspofungin drips (Asparaginase jabs Monday too) planned and in theory should have been just "in & out".

Monday though proved to be quite a long day - had the jabs and the drip but a side effect of the Asparaginase is it reduces the clotting factor in the blood hence I had to have an infusion of FFP which took time as it requires ordering, thawing and of course administration. Coupled with a later than planned start anyway - it wasn't until about 18:00 that I was settled back at home and pretty tired. The upside was I was able to spend quite a bit of time with my Dad before he flew out to Mauritius.

Wednesday was quick but unfortunately accelerated owing to the news whilst we were in the hospital that Luke gashed his head at nursery and that they were taking him to hospital. Fortunately I had nearly finished with the Caspofungin, so whilst Sarah and I were both shaken up by the news we were at least able to call around for help and actually head back almost immediately. Fortunately things had sorted out by the time we got back without him having to go to Wycombe hospital (the original plan) however St. Marks did insist he got checked out at Wexham Park.
Sarah dropped me off at home as things didn't seem as drastic with Luke, plus it would be a long wait and more significantly we both thought it would be better to avoid another hospital (infection risk). Luke came home later - OK all things considered and fortunately they were able to use a bunch of steristrips rather than stitches. The strips will come off this Wednesday, we've been keeping his head dry in the interim...

Friday was a quick day thank goodness but the steroid tapering was really having an impact on me by then and to be honest it's only today that I've felt like "working" - the good news on Friday was that I was given this current week as a "week off". Except Wednesday (tomorrow) where it is planned to take a bone marrow sample to see where I am.

So that's last week - not much to blog for this week as it's supposed to be a quiet one but likely to be significant if the bone marrow analysis is finished ahead of the Easter weekend...

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