Thursday, 16 April 2009

A stitch in time...

God moves in mysterious ways...

Something I didn't mention in my update about Monday was that when they told me my blood count levels, I questioned how the haemoglobin could have gone down so much when the other numbers seemed stable. The doctor agreed and checked the system and suggested a re-check, requiring more blood to be taken.

At this point I had been transferred to the Medical Assessment ward.

She was not familiar with drawing blood from my Hickman line and I refused to let her draw blood using a needle (you know I hate them, I was tired and annoyed from all the waiting and frankly didn't see why I had to go through that when the central line was there for that very purpose).

Anyway, Sarah mentioned to the doctor that someone from A&E (where we were initially admitted) may be able to do it as they had done the initial blood drawing. The doctor must have misheard because we had a nurse from Ward 5E (the cancer ward where I was an in-patient previously) come down and do the procedure in a matter of minutes.

Where am I going with this??? We took the opportunity to ask the nurse to check the line as where the tube comes out of my chest was still a bit red and was causing some slight discomfort - she had a look and noticed/hypothesised that a stitch was actually still there...

Any hoo - when I had the transfusion yesterday we asked the nurse they to double check - lo & behold there were some stitch remnants still there.

So double good news from the Monday night debacle:
  1. A top-up has given me more energy for a great day today, hopefully for the boys return tomorrow and for Phase 2 next week
  2. My Hickman line should heal properly now and if the stitch had stayed any longer there was a risk the skin would have covered it completely and made life difficult later
So as my Dad commented on my previous update, there seemed to be a reason for Monday night after all!


  1. So this means dad's are always right, or mostly.

    I am pleased stitch was found in time.
    Good night

  2. Now if only I can convince *my* children that that is the case!

    Hope you are well...

  3. What I have seen so far you are already there. You and Sarah are wonderful Parent,s.


  4. next week will be fine. We are all in unison with you.
    Our prayers and thoughts will see you through. You are brave and you have undergone Phase One and came out with flying success.
    Pray and beleive that God will always carry you.
    See you soon.