Tuesday, 14 April 2009

37.5 and rising...

Because of my neutropenic condition, when I was discharged from Ward 5E I was told to get in touch with them if my temperature hits 37.5 Celsius.

Whilst 37.5 is normal for most, my reduced immune system makes this a trigger point temperature whereby precautionary measures are taken to ensure I don't go critical through infection.

Anyway, yesterday (Easter Monday) I noticed my temperature rising to the highest it's been for a while - taking my temperature at regular intervals in the day is second nature to me now - and I hit 37.52 around 18:30.

Phoning Ward 5E, despite me feeling fine, after they consulted they rang back and wanted me to come in. No beds so they said I had to go to John Radcliffe A&E.

By the time Sarah & I had packed (fortunately the boys had gone to their grandparents earlier in the day which was planned anyway) and got to JR, it was about 21:20.

It was all a bit of a disaster and in the end we effectively discharged ourselves at 5am this (Tuesday) morning as temperature came back down of its own accord and everything else seemed in order.

However, it did yield that my blood count was low (haemoglobin) so I need to go in for a transfusion at the Churchill tomorrow (Wednesday) - it will likely take the better part of the day.

So a bit frustrated as the Monday night thing was a stressful nightmare and my treatment free week now means a second trip to Oxford as well as missing a lot of today owing to catching up with sleep this morning - very lucky we didn't have to take care of the boys!!

Being positive about it though, the transfusion should make me feel a bit stronger for the remainder of the week and should stand me in better stead for Phase 2 Induction next week.

Well it's 23:57 (& 36.99 Celsius) & time for me to turn in before my eyes fall out of my head!


  1. Hi chris
    36.99 sound,s good to go to sleep on.
    All the best for the week ahead.
    Myself, Richard and my friend,s are with you and we think of you and Sarah and the boy,s every day.

  2. Up and down, always ends up well.
    There is a reason for most things