Thursday, 9 April 2009

Remission Accomplished...

Some great news ahead of the Easter break - yesterday I was over at The Churchill for bloods to be taken and also a bone marrow sample to check progress.

Blood numbers have been trending in the right direction for a while and a bit earlier today we got the call from the hospital indicating that under the microscope they cannot see the leukaemia cells and that I am in remission.

Naturally I'm not out of the woods yet, it will be a couple of weeks yet before we know whether the Philadelphia chromosome condition is under control.

Going forward, next week is a clear week but the week after that will be the start of Phase 2 Induction - quite intense as it's 4 days a week at the hospital for chemo, I'll blog more when I've looked into it!

In the meantime the quest for a bone marrow donor continues as does the investigation into other avenues now such as stem cells from umbilical cord blood.

Anyways that's a subject for another post, I'm still a little zoned out from yesterday's sedation & procedures but wishing you all a happy Easter!


  1. Brilliant news. So happy phase 1 complete. Kick the crap out of the nasty blighter.

  2. Brilliant news! Kick the crap out of the nasty blighter!

    Have a fab weekend.

  3. Hi Chris, just been catching up with your progress since getting back from honeymoon - that's excellent news, definitely a step in the right direction! Keep on trucking :-) Liz-Ann

  4. Glad everything is going well, hope you had a good Easter! Helen.

  5. Chris, we heard you on Radio Berks the other day - really good broadcast, we were both touched. Both Layne and I are too old to donate (!), but wishing you all the best with your search and tracking your progress in fighting this awful disease with great interest.