Saturday, 27 June 2009

Transplant & ANT Day updates

Firstly re. the Anthony Nolan Trust day event - many, many thanks for everyone that showed up. Although not everyone was eligible to be signed up, when Sarah left at about 19:00 (she left early to be at home with me because of the news about the cord) about 16 people had been actually signed up.

Apparently some more people arrived after that so although I don't think the magic number of 30 (the sort of "break even" number for ANT for such events), 16+ people were added which hopefully means 16 or so lives potentially saved somewhere in the world - you are heroes all of you!

News about the cord progress - I received a call from the hospital, if I'm understanding correctly it sounds like a couple of cords were found with the initial search that yielded the one that got damaged the other day.

It seems then that the hospital are in the process of securing a cord from the United States to supplement the viable bag from France - this is obviously very positive news and will keep folks posted as to what this means re. new dates for going into hospital.


  1. Hi Chris.Saw your appeal on Google and then found your blog.I have posted a link to your appeal on my own blog to try and improve the hit rate for you.Cheers.Andy

    Good luck mate.We got 86 more people on the register last week at the hospital that I work in, so you never know ...:-).Andy

  2. Great stuff Andy and thank-you so much! I've given you a shout-out in my latest post, only seems fair as I stole the umbilical cord You Tube piece!

    I heard this evening that 21 people (more showed up but were unfortunately not eligible) made it on to the register.