Thursday, 11 June 2009

Time flies when you're not in hospital

Well if you didn't know already, I was discharged from hospital last Saturday (6th) - hooray! - and can't believe how quickly the time has flown.

Despite being ready to go in the morning, logistics at hospital and home meant that it wasn't until early evening that I got home, it was fantastic though to sit and watch Robin Hood as a family and make a "pizza night" of it!

Sunday was a quiet day for us all and was just an opportunity to catch up with things in general and for me to start helping out around the house some; it gave me an opportunity to get to grips with some tasks I needed to get on with at home, breaking 2 computers wasn't on that list of things to do but somehow I accomplished it...

Monday a lot more hectic with school of course and Luke's swimming. I stayed in and didn't see much of Sarah but did get one of the computers working again better than before, but I think that's more luck and perseverance than anything else.

Tuesday was busy as it was a hospital visit to the Churchill for a discussion with the consultant about the radiotherapy treatment (more on that separately) and a follow-up on the discharge - no problems on that front but they did see that although my blood count is coming up, it's not coming up as quick as they would like for the harvest (more on that separately too!) so they have altered my tablet medication slightly to hopefully help.

Wednesday, morbid but necessary, we reviewed our wills and actually had quite a few amendments to make since they were drawn up in 2000 that took most of the morning and the rest of the day was more household tasks and an opportunity to drive Sarah around for a change. Also a trip to the dentist to ensure no infections there (which might jeopardise the transplant - yes you've guessed, more on that later too) and an unfortunate parking ticket as I didn't realise that they had changed the parking rules since February :-(

Today (Thursday) - PAPERWORK!!! Blimey, I don't know how Sarah's been able to cope with me generating all this additional medical & governmental paperwork! Anyway, I was able to help out a bit with that and with both of us on the phone in the study it was like we were running a little business! Oh, and we're having our boiler replaced too because otherwise we wouldn't be hectic enough...

Also today, my GCSF injections started - I'll cover this in the blog about harvesting - so having moved from a week of practically being bed-ridden and nothing to do it's all gone manic (and very tiring)!

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