Monday, 29 June 2009

Umbilical Cord Blood - what & how

An under 3 minute video that gives some insight about umbilical cord blood and what a valuable resource it is.

Sincere thanks to Andy at from where


  1. I had heard about this when I was pregant (by chance, I came across an article about this on a French website).
    When I mentioned it to my midwife, she looked at me like if this was a comment she hadn't yet heard and worth a note in her best-off questions from patients.
    A shame, as like many others, I would have given.
    It even sounds like a simple thing to put in place: you add a tick box on the paper work to ask patients if they are happy to be tested (they already have so many blood test), and if so and there is a match, they are asked again if they are willing to donate at the end of delivery. (depends on the cost of the test I suppose - could be an expensive tick box).
    Anyway, this is probably not that simple - or is it?

    Thinking of you and your family during this hard time, Anne

  2. Thanks Anne!
    I was talking to Sarah over dinner with pretty much the same question/observation as you - it's something we are going to look into...

  3. Speak to Terrie Duffy on facebook if you want answers to questions.She is the lady who collects the blood at Kings College Hopstial in London and she is a great advocate of the proceedure :-).Andy