Thursday, 4 June 2009

Heart & Lungs...

As mentioned yesterday, there is some work to be completed pre-transplant and some of that happened today.

This morning I popped downstairs to the Cardiac Unit and had an echo test of my heart done. This is like an ultrasound but for the heart and bar some electrodes attached to me the principle seemed exactly the same.

I didn't get to see anything as I had to lay on my side, but with my track record of things medical that was probably a good thing! Anyway, my heart showed up fine with a very very minor observation about my Mitral Valve but certainly nothing out of the ordinary or causing concern to the medical team.

Next up was an ECG - loads of electrodes attached all over legs, arms and chest that took several minutes to set up. All for a 15 second trace and then they were whipped off! No problems on that front either.

Had a long chat with the Transplant Co-ordinator (she is absolutely brilliant) and got more details about dates and other stuff which I shall capture in another blog later (still waiting on some more details).

In the afternoon headed over to the Churchill for my lung test - it was a breeze (ho ho), all fine there too. In fact the only problem as I understood it that with my low blood count, I didn't have enough haemoglobin to absorb all the oxygen I was able to inhale!!

Didn't rush back to the JR, beautiful afternoon here so Sarah (she was with me all day) and I managed to spend some time in a lovely garden over at the Churchill which was wonderful.

Pretty tired after all of this and hooked up with IVs for the night that should take me through to 3am :-(

Oh well, the garden was nice!

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