Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Phase 2 complete, sort of…

So where I left off was 27th April (Sarah’s birthday for which I was able to organise a present and card – thank-you Internet!!) when I was 2 weeks into Phase 2.

Basically Phase 2 seemed relatively uneventful and I seemed to be able to tolerate the awful Cyclophosphamide better for the last 2 doses. In so saying, the constant driving (and I was just the passenger!), chemo, blood & platelet transfusions really took it out of me and even the days where I didn’t feel too bad, by the time I got home I’d had enough and just wanted to spend time with Sarah and then the boys when they got home.

The last full week of treatment was 12th-15th May (just after Jake’s birthday) but the last dose of Cyclophosphamide was 18th May and that wrapped up Phase 2, the only thing is that I’ve missed a couple of lumbar punctures mainly down to unfortunately hospital problems.

I don’t get away that easily though, it’s likely they’ll give me the intra-thecals during the transplant window.

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