Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Transplant postponed

Having geared myself up psychologically for going into hospital tomorrow and received some wonderful words of encouragement and warm wishes from folks (many thanks for those!) I got a call earlier this evening at about 18:40 from the hospital with some bad news.

You probably recall that I was due to receive cells from a single umbilical cord (normally two cords are used owing to the size of cords and the number of cells they contain versus those required). It was received in Oxford today and apparently was transported in 2 halves; one bag split.

Although half the cord is still usable it is not enough to carry out the procedure and a new cord needs to be found, the team in the hospital is searching for one again through the Anthony Nolan Trust.

Effectively everything has been postponed 2-3 weeks as radiotherapy will need to be rescheduled amongst other things.

All in all not the news I wanted to hear this afternoon but trying to be philosophical about it, I get more time with the family, more time to build up my strength ahead of chemo etc. and who knows, maybe an even better match may be found.

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  1. So sorry to hear of your delay.
    There is always a reason and God works in mysterious ways.